Lots to keep talking about!

It was the final chapter of the Sitting With Jane event, but two weeks after the bookbench auction, it's great that people are still talking about the trail and benches – and today Ark Cancer Centre Charity is pleased to confirm how much each lot went for.

A Wild in Art event, delivered by Destination Basingstoke and in association with Festival Place, thousands of people enjoyed going around the Sitting With Jane public art bookbench trail between June 17 and August 30 – and the popularity of the benches, which celebrated the life of local author Jane Austen, was reflected in a very successful auction.

Twenty-two bookbench lots were sold for a total of £95,750 – and 75 per cent of the proceeds will go to Ark Cancer Centre Charity, leaving a lasting legacy that will help and support cancer patients and their families as Ark is raising £5million towards the unique local NHS cancer treatment centre that will be built in the Basingstoke area.

If the new owners are happy to, over the coming weeks, Ark Cancer Centre Charity will bring you updates on the new homes for the bookbenches that made up the popular Sitting With Jane trail.

And next week, we will be launching an Ebay auction for a Jane Austen painting that was done by bookbench artist Lois Cordelia on the night of the September 15 auction – and all proceeds from this sale will go to Ark.

So the running order of the 22 bookbench lots, their artists and sponsors, and how much they were sold for is as follows:

Lot 1: The Golden Peacock by Sian Storey, sponsored by Basingstoke Leisure Park – sold for £7,000

Lot 2: A Fine House Richly Furnished by Jonathan Chapman, sponsored by Andrew Smith & Son – sold for £5,500

Lot 3: Bench & Benchability by Treloar College Art Students, sponsored by Alton Town Council and local businesses – sold for £4,000

Lot 4: There Is No Doing Without Money by Dominique Evans, sponsored by The Royal Mint – sold for £5,000

Lot 5: Promenade by Laura Fearn, sponsored by Lamb Brooks – sold for £5,500

Lot 6: Regency Life by Nick Murley, sponsored by Portsmouth Estates – sold for £4,500

Lot 7: Chawton Woodwalk by Caroline Fairburn, sponsored by Hampshire County Council and East Hampshire District Council – sold for £5,500

Lot 8: Shall We Dance? By David Graham, sponsored by Ark Cancer Centre Charity – sold for £4,250

Lot 9: Hearts by Deven Bhurke, sponsored by Abstract Securities – sold for £2,000

Lot 10: Waiting For Mr Darcy by Traci Moss, sponsored by Oakley Hall Hotel – sold for £2,500

Lot 11: Are you Sitting Comfortably? by Mik Richardson, sponsored by Worting House Serviced Offices and clients – sold for £5,750

Lot 12: Jane Talk by Jenny Leonard, sponsored by The Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane – sold for £4,500

Lot 13: Girl Power by David Graham, sponsored by The Ark Conference Centre – sold for £1,500

Lot 14: The House That Jane Built by Jane Veveris Callan, sponsored by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council – sold for £4,500

Lot 15: Threads, Lace & Time by Corinne Marsh, sponsored by Jenton Group – sold for £3,750

Lot 16: Dancing With Jane by Michelle Heron, sponsored by Festival Place – sold for £3,500

Lot 17: Female Power by Fatima Pantoja, sponsored by Gazette Newspapers – sold for £2,000

Lot 18: Willow Pattern by Julia Brooker, sponsored by Destination Basingstoke – sold for £2,750

Lot 19: Do You Dance Mr Darcy? by Caroline Fairburn, sponsored by Festival Place – sold for £4,000

Lot 20: A Fine Day To Sit And Look Upon Verdure by Lynsey Brecknell and Kieron Reilly, sponsored by De La Rue – sold for £4,000

Lot 21: Look Upon Verdure by Lois Cordelia, sponsored by De La Rue – sold for £6,750

Lot 22: Beyond The Birdcage by Katy Stevens, sponsored by local hoteliers and partners in the Travel and Accommodation Group – sold for £7,000

Thanks again to all involved in making Sitting With Jane happen, particularly the artists, sponsors and everyone who put in a bid, congratulations to the new bookbench owners, and thanks for making a big difference to Ark Cancer Centre Charity and the cancer treatment centre project.

Picture caption: The Sitting With Jane auction was a great success, raising more than £70,000 for Ark Cancer Centre Charity